I declare independence from Apple (and mean it this time)

Six years ago today I have ly been in the family for a few years, and I have ly been quietly six mths later. They say history repeats, eh? this July 4th, I forsake the fruit-logo company ounce more. From Apple I return to google, choosing e digital lifestyle over the other, as so as possible.

Past to present: By summer 2012, I look at various patent assaults by Apple against Samsung and others as competiti by litigati, not innovati . Weighing my decisi in 2018 is a newer and more aggressive-attack against Qualcomm, which headquarters are in San Diego (my city of residence). While a Qualcomm customer, Apple is a fierce chip competitor that seeks margins by paying less for patents-and by invalidating or diminishing them, destabilize competiti from the Android Army.

In January 2013, I ended the boycott. Amg the reass: Hashtag #boycottapple trended by social media I had not planned such a movement and quietly abdicated. This time though, as I walk away, perhaps #boycottapple is the right meme given the company's market capitalizati (currently $ 894 billi), industry dominance, and stifling innovati.

Going the Apple Way

For …

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