How to use the DVD drive of another computer a network with macOS remote sharing

Owners of desktop computers and MacBook Macs have the habit of living without a CD or DVD drive, but there are occasis where access to e can be practical. AppleInsider explains how to remotely access the CD or DVD drive from another Mac or Windows PC from a Mac without the drive, over a network.

Over the years, computer users have abanded the use of physical media to retain data, in favor of downloads, cloud storage and external hard drives. Virtually anything that a CD or DVD can provide to a user can also be obtained via an Internet cnecti and either streaming ctent or waiting for a download to complete.

Despite this, it is still necessary to have access to an optical drive from time to time, such as watching data archives a recordable DVD for old photographs, or installing software not available for download. Given the relative lack of optical drives in Macs in general, this can be a problem for some users who urgently need to access the ctents of the disc.

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