How to Use Disk Utility in MacOS to Protect Your Sensitive Data

Virtually everye has files or folders that they keep their Mac that they do not want others to access. AppleInsider explains how to secure these files by turning a folder into a protected disk image, which keeps the documents encrypted and requires reading a password.

People generally agree with the idea of ​​having several important documents stored their Mac, and are quite satisfied with the existing protecti built into macOS, including the use FileVault to encrypt disks and even have a password to access the user account. first place.

However, users may find that some elements are too important not to apply an extra level of security. This can range from the need to secure professial records that need to be sent to another user, to additial protecti of birth certificates and passports, to keep embarrassing childhood pictures out of sight of other members of the family who sometimes even borrow user account.

e soluti is to use Disk Utility to create a password-protected, encrypted disk image from a folder.

Creati of the image

Opening of the disk utility which can be found in the file Applicatis under Utilities . Alternatively, use the search functi in the Finder to search for "This Mac" for Disk Utility .

In the Disk Utility menu, select File New image then Image of folder … or use the keyboard shortcut -Command-N ]. In the next dialog box, select the folder you want to protect, and then click Open

A New Dialog …

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