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Have you ever found yourself watching a web page, unable to understand a word? All the letters seem familiar, ly they are arranged in a strange order? This is what is called "stranger," and that is how people from outside America speak to each other. Some of them do not even write their websites in English

Fortunately, a good old American company did something against this terrible habit. Microsoft Translator can repair a web page and turn all this foreign gibberish into a language that we can all feel comfortable with. You can already use the Google translati bookmarklet for this, but the versi of Microsoft is so much better than it is in a different league.

Microsoft Translator

  Just type the Microsoft Translator acti extensi to translate a page. Extending the translator's acti to translate a page
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Unlike the Google bookmarklet – which places a large banner at the top of the translated page, and not ly to break the layout, but also to disable all kinds of essential elements like links – Microsoft Translator does not change the appearance of a page at all. It just changes the language of origin for your target language. This sounds a lot nicer, and you can ctinue to navigate from the page, instead of having to press the back butt of Google's hideous raid in your browser.

Translate web pages into place

You also do not have to wait for the translated Google versi of the page to load. You …

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