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Not this kind of break.
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When working your Mac, it's all too easy to just get through the current task, which – at the time – seems to be the most important thing in the world. "It will ly take another five minutes," you say, as your tunnels get tense, your back stiffens and your arms atrophy.

You need a break. Just two minutes taken every half hour should make you. The problem is to remember. Fortunately, there is an app for that.

Why breaks are important

After a great experience where I ly used my iPad for a good part of the year, I ended up having quite painful wrists. It turns out that the keyboards the tea trays the knees are not so good, ergomically speaking.

For a lg time afterwards, I would have pain in my wrists and arms typing for a short time. Then I discovered Csciousness, and that made it all right.

The applicati of Csciousness reminds you to take breaks

  The Csciousness is still working well, although being seven years old. Csciousness still works well that she is 7 years old. ]

Awareness is a super simple applicati that reminds you to take a break. The default is five minutes every half hour, but you can customize both the length of the pause and the interval between jumps.

A relaxing bell sounds at the indicated time. you do not touch the Mac for the durati of the allocated break. If you ignore the bell, after another half hour, you get a strger alarm, and so .

No e to blame but …

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