How to Stop Twitter from Tracking and Sharing Private Data iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC

The Facebook data line seems to have triggered an alarm, forcing everye to seriously look at persal information. And why not, privacy deserves to have the shield to stay intact. We have already created a comprehensive guide customizing Facebook's privacy settings and we thought that it could help you stop Twitter from tracking and sharing private data using iPhone, Android or desktop.

Twitter still keeps your activities as where you signed up and your current locati to show you more relevant ctent. The news app shares specific private data that does not include your name, email address or phe number through selected partnerships. If you are ccerned about the privacy of your persal data, you may choose to prevent the applicati from doing so

<img class = "td-modal-image aligncenter wp-image-90478 size-full "src =" Android-or-PC.png "alt =" How to prevent Twitter from tracking and sharing private data iPhone, iPad, Android or PC [19659004] How to prevent Twitter from tracking and sharing persal data iPhone, Android and computer

iPhone, iPad and Android

Step # 1. Open Twitter your mobile device, then tap your profile ic → tap Settings & Privacy. [19659002]  Touch the ic of your profile, then Settings and privacy in Twitter  iPhone or iPad

[1 9459007] Step # 2. Tap Privacy & Security → scroll down and press Persalizati & Data

 Press Privacy & Security in Twitter  Android Device

Step # 3. Your iPhone or iPad

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