How to stop the sites that follow you, and speed up your internet with 1Blocker X

Since iOS 9, you have been able to block ads, tracking tools and other ctent in Mobile Safari. But as websites have defended themselves, and ctent blocking apps have added even more rules in return, the war has intensified. The blockers have started to reach the 50,000 rules of Apple.

Probably the most popular and complete blocker is 1Blocker, which has just been replaced by 1Blocker X. The new app splits into seven "extensis", each with 50,000 rules, bringing the total to 350 000 rules.

This not ly allows 1Blocker X to brag in the App Store. It also allows new whole categories of ctent blocking. The new setup works slightly differently, so let's get started

What's a ctent blocker?

Ctent blockers, often known simply as ad blockers, allow Safari to block advertisements, trackers and other types of internet annoyances, such as comments, and irritating Twitter sharing butts. The benefits are huge. Advertisements often ctain all kinds of malicious codes that, at worst, follow you the Internet or run software your iPhone or iPad in secret and at best, loading your mthly data takes a lot of time. 19659002] Ctent blocking apps never see your browsing data themselves. They are just rule managers. ce you've told 1Blocker X, for example, which rule sets you want to use, it passes them to Safari, which checks them every time it loads a page, and ignores everything you do not know. do not like. This is a e-way transacti, although if you create custom rules, the applicati must of course know them.

What's New in 1Blocker X

The main novelty of 1Blocker X is to allow many more rules. e of the results of this rule increase is that the developer Salavat Khanov has started to add country specific ad blockers. Currently, they exist ly for Russia and Germany, but others are promised.

You can also lock the applicati using Touch ID or Face ID, which is cvenient if you let your kids use your iPhone or iPad. , says, the rules that block adult sites.

How to activate 1Blocker X iPhone or iPad

This part is simple, if a little hidden. ce you have installed 1Blocker X, go to Settings> Safari> Ctent Blockers and you will see this screen:

Enable Ctent Blockers Applicati Settings

Press the butt next to each of the new 1Blocker X Extensis. You must enable them all or the applicati will not work. If you want to disable e of the extensis, you can do it in the applicati 1Blocker X itself. It is also recommended to run ly e blocker at a time, so disable your old versi of 1Blocker.

Then start the applicati. As you can see here, this looks a lot like the old versi of 1Blocker.

  It's here that you decide what to block. It's here that you decide what to block

Activate all the blocker extensis you want to use. You may have to wait several times while the instructis are transmitted to Safari. Also be sure to visit the Custom Rules secti and enable at least Whitelist and Hide Element sectis. This will allow you to add custom rules the fly, when browsing Safari.

And that's all for the installati, for the moment.

How to whitelist a site while browsing

Occasially you will find a site that is not working properly. It may be that no message appears a forum, for example. Or you just want to allow ads a site like Cult of Mac to support its great tutorials. To do this, go to the site in Safari and press the sharing arrow . Then, press the 1Blocker X ic in the bottom row (the B & W line), and follow. You will then see this screen, where you can whitelist the entire site (disabling all blockers for that domain), or fine-tune the settings.

  First Step: White List Cult of Mac First Step: White List Cult of Mac

You Can Even Hide Items That 1Blocker X Did not Have blocked. This could be a big pop-up banner that, e way or another, would go through the filters, or a boring avatar image used by somee a site that you visit often.

You do not see the 1Blocker X ic in Safari, you can activate it by moving to the far right of the B & W ic row in the share sheet, then typing Plus . You can then enable and disable all available extensis, as well as rearrange their order.

  Enable the 1Blocker X exte Enable the 1Blocker X exte
Photo: Mac Cult

You can also temporarily disable all ad blockers for the current page by by holding down the reload arrow in the Safari URL bar, and choosing Reload Without Ctent Blockers from the drop-down list. using the old versi of 1Blocker, and Khanov says that he will ctinue to update the rules. Some of you may want to upgrade for new features, and how the design is easier to use. Or you may just want to pay your $ 5 to support the ctinued development of a great applicati.

Price : $ 4.99

Download : 1Blocker X from the App Store (iOS)

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