How to speed up YouTube in Safari browser

Have you ever wdered why YouTube is much slower than any other site you visit in Safari? Did you know that you could do it up to five times faster with very little effort?YouTube’s new design does not work well with n-Google Chrome browsers, but with a few simple changes you can go back to the previous design and enjoy much faster speeds.

Here’s how to load up youtube 5 times faster in safari

It’s not Safari’s fault if YouTube works so badly. In fact, the same problem also affects users of Firefox and Microsoft Edge. All because of the way YouTube is designed.

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Google builds its services to work better in Chrome. Some have been prevented from running inside rival navigators at all. What’s slowing down YouTube is that it’s still relying a deprecated hidden API that ly Chrome still supports.

This makes YouTube five times slower in Safari, Firefox and Edge, according to Chris Peters, a program manager for Mozilla – but there is a way to change that.

Speed ​​up YouTube in Safari

You can ask Google to switch to Polymer 2.0 or even 3.0 APIs, which are supported by other browsers. This would load YouTube pages much faster. But that will probably not work.

The simplest soluti is to force YouTube to return to an older model that does not rely the Polymer 1.0 API. You will lose its dark mode functi and a slightly more polite look, but the experience remains the same.

Here’s what you need to do if you use Safari:

  1. Download the Tapermkey script
  2. Tell Safari that you “trust” the script when it requests your approval
  3. Download this user script that forces YouTube to use the classic mode

If you use Firefox your Mac, Mozilla has worked hard for you. Just download this Firefox extensi that automatically forces YouTube to load its old design.

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