How to speed up your Internet cnecti and prevent your ISP from following you

Your entire DNS browsing history may be registered by your ISP and will so be sold to anye who wishes.

DNS is what sends you to the right site when you browse the Internet, but it is also unencrypted, and reveals your entire browsing history. The private mode of your browser does nothing, and the little green lock ic that indicates a secure cnecti does not help either.

DNS is also slow. So in order to solve these two problems, you have to change your DNS provider for e that is both private and fast. This is the new Cloudflare service

What is DNS?

When you type something like Cult of Mac in your browser, a computer somewhere (usually your Internet provider) looks for the actual IP address the address of this site. The comm analogy is that of a phe book, which would be nice if somee under 30 knew what a phe book was. All of this happens before you Apple: to the website you requested. DNS lookup occurs every time you click a link to a site, not just when you type a URL in your browser. There are some problems with DNS:

  • It's slow. Often, your ISP treats your DNS as it processes the router that it provides you with – like an afterthought.
  • This is completely n-private. Your ISP knows all the sites you visit.
  • This is spoofable. A questiable DNS service can redirect you to fraudulent sites. A fake banking site, for example
  • It can be used for censorship. A country can take ctrol of the DNS and use it to block certain sites.

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare is a ctent distributi and DNS company, and now offers a privacy-focused DNS service. You should definitely check to see if you trust him with your data, but to be hest, he can not really be worse than your ISP, can he?

Cloudflare DNS The service is a direct replacement for your current DNS provider (your ISP, almost certainly), and it offers the following benefits:

  • Cfidentiality . Cloudflare promises not to register your IP address, and retains an external auditor to prove it.
  • Speed ​​. The service seems to be a little faster than even Google's DNS service.

Even if you do not care about the privacy angle, then you surely want a faster internet, instantly, and for free, right? ] How to use a new DNS server Mac

To tell your Mac to use a different DNS server, just give it the address. In this case, the address is

Go to System Preferences and click the Network panel. Then click Wi-Fi (if that's how you usually are the Internet), then click Advanced .

<img class = "alignne size-full wp-image-543219" title = "Cloudflare DNS mac settings" src = " 04 / Screen-Shot-2018-04-23-at-10.12.41.jpg "alt =" Setting DNS the Mac is very easy DNS the Mac is very easy

In secti Advanced you have to click the DNS tab.This is where you type in the new DNS address.Click the + butt and type in again the + butt and type the backup server address,

Just click OK then the main settings page. network from now , all your internet activity will be routed through Cloudflare's DNS servers.

How to use a new DNS server iPad or iPhone

even easier than the Mac.

The principle the iPhone and the iPad is the same. Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and tap ⓘ next to the name of your home Wi-Fi network. this page you will see a butt for Cfigure DNS . Then, the resulting screen, press the butt + Add a server and type your numbers: and Do not forget to tap Save and you're de.

Other Settings

There are two other things you should know. The first is that you can not change the settings of your cellular DNS server iOS. This means that you can ly use Cloudflare DNS (or other) over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet cnecti.

The other is that it is possible to cfigure your home Wi-Fi router use a custom DNS server, so that each device in your home network uses automatically

You now have a faster and more private Internet cnecti. free, and with a minimum of effort.

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