How to set up and add members to an Apple Music Family subscripti

A Music pple, like other streaming platforms, offers a family subscripti that can save families mey – depending the circumstances, of course.

the other hand, set up a family subscripti and adding family members can be a bit difficult. Indeed, unlike its competitors, Apple Music is thoroughly integrated with the business ecosystem and uses a proprietary system. This can make it cfusing if your family does not strictly use Apple devices.

Why You Want a Family Plan

An Apple Music Family Subscripti allows you and five other members of your family to access streaming

Every member of the family will have their own persal account, and the family plan also offers other benefits.

According to Apple, you can "share what you want, when you want – or not" Regarding Apple Music, in particular, which includes iTunes purchases ..

X <a name = WhyYouMight Not Wante "/> Why You Could No Want e

Of course, having an Apple Music family account may not be suitable for all families.

In your situati, you could get a better price using individual accounts, especially if you are both a student and you are eligible for the Educati Award (which is ly $ 4.99 per mth).

Still, an Apple Music subscripti for up to six people at $ 15 is an excellent price.So look at your own circumstances and weigh your optis

1 How to set up a family account Apple Music

Note: You will need an Apple ID for nfigure this, but if you have an Apple device, you probably do it already. You will also need at least e iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or macOS device running iOS 8 or OS X Yosemite or later.

Of course, you will also need to buy an Apple Music Family plan.

Apple Music Family Membership

If you do not have an Apple Music account, you can create e here. Make sure you choose the Family subscripti during setup.

If you have an account and you're currently cnected to a device you're signed in to, click this link for iOS or this link for macOS. Otherwise, follow the steps below:

For iOS Users

For macOS users:

Setting Up Family Sharing

A Music for Apple subscripti is not a stand-ale product. This is related to Apple's family sharing platform. For this reas, to invite family members to your plan, you must set up the family share.

This article assumes that you want to be what Apple calls the "family organizer" who sets up and manages the platform. . If you do not, ask somee else in your family to follow these steps.

For iOS users:

For macOS users: [19659025] Click the Apple logo at the top left of the menu bar

  • Click System Preferences .
  • Click iCloud .
  • Click Set up the family and follow the instructis
  • 2 How to add family members to your account

    ce you've signed up for an Apple family plan Music and have set up family sharing, you can start inviting family members. Here's how:


    1. Open Settings
    2. Tap the Apple ID Card (your name).
    3. Press Family Sharing .
    4. Press Add a member of the family .
    5. Enter your name or email address
    6. Follow the instructis ..


    1. Click the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the menu bar.
    2. Click System Preferences .
    3. Click iCloud .
    4. Find and click Manage Family .
    5. Click the ] + ic and follow the instructis


    1. Open Apple Music
    2. Press the menu ic in the upper left corner .
    3. Press Account Settings (it should work your picture or your name)
    4. Tap Manage Membership .
    5. Press Family or Setup Family depending which opti is available.
    6. If you tapped Family, follow the instructis. If you press Family Setup, press Add a Family Member and follow the instructis.

    What to do next

    1. ce you've ge through the steps above, the ly thing you can do is your family member starts using Apple Music
    2. his device (cnected to his iCloud and to its Apple ID), just open Apple Music and Apple: with the same credentials as you've invited


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