How to see all the persal data that Apple has collected about you

U nlike other major technology companies, Apple says it does not store a t of persal data about you. But, unbeknownst to many, you can actually check the data it has.

Facebook and Google both have tools that allow users to easily access their persal data. Apple does not, technically . (Not yet, at least, but more that below.)

The tech giant Cupertino respects the requests for copying user data, but it's a bit more complicated. Here is what you need to know

How to request a copy of your Apple data

Currently, Apple will let you see your data. But you will have to persally ctact the company's privacy team to get it.

  1. Open Apple's Privacy Policy in the browser of your choice.
  2. Scroll down and find the secti labeled Accessing Persal Informati
  3. I have a questi about privacy
  4. Fill in the information – including your name, email, the subject of your request, and your request for a copy of your data.
  5. Click Send . point, you will just have to wait for the Apple privacy protecti team to respd.

    ce they ctact you, they will verify your identity and verify it by requesting your Apple ID, a serial number registered in your name. , and any other Apple Care support folder number.

    But do not expect a quick turnaround time. According to a recent report CNBC the process, it took about six days for the point-of-sale reporter to obtain a copy of his data

    What you might find

    does not seem to be as extended or as wide as, for example, that of Facebook

    . This journalist CNBC found mostly stored interactis iTunes and the App Store. For example:

    • List of all Apple products you own or own, including their serial numbers
    • List of apps purchased the App Store, as well as purchases made through the app made from the applicatis.
    • List of all sgs, movies, books, or video clips purchased through iTunes.
    • List of sgs stored in iTunes Match, even those not in the Apple Music Library.
    • A log of each update of an applicati
    • Many details customer support requests and logs of repairs performed a user's devices, including a list of broken compents and serial numbers for spare parts.

    Apple notes that the data log does not include information about an iCloud account – such as calendar data, email ctent, and so .

    Similarly, the company's privacy team indicates that it does not store Siri issues, locati of customers or data from the Maps applicati. They added that there are "extremely short retenti periods" for how lg the company stores the data that it collects .

    Finally, the company's communicati platforms – such as iMessage or FaceTime – are all end-to-end encrypti protected. Apple notes that he "can not decipher this data."

    Accessing Your Data Apple Becomes Easier

    If you have made similar queries Facebook or Google, you have probably noticed that the Apple process is a bit more involved. This will change in the near future.

    Apple is the verge of redesigning its Apple ID website with new ctrols to allow users to easily view a copy of their data. Presumably, this might look like how the Facebook and Google systems work now.

    In additi to being more easily accessible, this data could also include ctent that is not included in the data requests.

    It is also worth noting that while Apple is bringing its change to comply with a new European regulati user data, the redesign will eventually be rolled out globally. This reflects his historic commitment to privacy and user transparency.

    Other popular platforms will bring similar changes in Europe but will be reluctant to enforce regulatis to users around the world. roll out in Europe next mth. There is no clear timetable for users in other regis, but a global versi will follow deployment in Europe.

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