How to run Siri Shortcuts from Reminder alerts

Today, we will see how to put a shortcut in a reminder, so you can simply press the reminder alert to run it.

For this, we will use the new iOS 12 Shortcuts app or the existing Apple Workflow applicati. For example, you might have a reminder that appears every morning at 9 am, asking you to Apple: to your race. In the pop-up alert, right there the lock screen, will be a butt to run a shortcut/workflow to do exactly that. Touch it, and you will be able to save your race via a pop-up window.

And of course, this is not limited to physical fitness, or even temporal recalls.

Ask Siri to call you back

Locati and time

At the heart of this trick, Siri’s “remember me” functi. This allows you to invoke Siri to remind you everything that is happening the screen of your iPhone. For example, if you read this story your iPhone, wake up Siri and tell him “Call me back in five minutes”. Then, in five minutes, you will receive an alert (deepen the parameters of your notificatis).

If you tap this alert, the Reminders app opens and you receive your reminder. It will have a Safari ic the right. Touch this ic, and this page will be launched in Safari, allowing you to read the article (and doubling the page views for this article).

You can do it for almost any purpose, even with applicatis that do not allow you to add reminders via the sharing sheet. You can do it with the Mail applicati, for example.

Another tip is that you can ask Siri to call you back in e place. So if you say “Hey Siri, remind me about it when I get home,” then Siri will appear a notificati each time you arrive home, until you mark the complete task.

It also works with shortcuts (iOS 12) and Workflow (iOS 11). If you try this iOS 12 beta, then you should always use the Workflow applicati. The reminders created in the shortcuts actually launch the workflow when they are run from a reminder, so keep the workflow up to avoid any cfusi. You ly have to open the Workflow the screen, in the Workflow applicati, and tell Siri that you want it to call you back.

You can create different types of reminder:

  • Hey Siri, call me back at 8 am
  • Hey siri, remind me about it every day
  • Hey Siri, call me back when I get home

Create a workflow reminder

This part of the how-to is almost superfluous because you can literally run any workflow using this trick. So, instead, I will offer some general ideas for Workflow / Shortcut kids that you might want to use.

Locati-based workflow reminders

Read Full Steps via cultofmac


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