How to restrict what your kids can watch YouTube

Kids YouTube are like rats in a food vending machine. Press, press, tap, next video please. But unlike rats, who are "rewarded" by electric shock or worse, children end up surfing following links until they finish see ] a rat be shocked, or worse. A more pompous writer would point out here that it is the job of a parent to mitor their child's YouTube activity, but real parents know that this is not particularly realistic. So, how do you prevent your children from looking at the wrg thing? Let's See:

YouTube Restrictis

YouTube places age restrictis some videos. Although users can rate their own videos, this does not always happen. For you and me, these restrictis make no difference. You can watch everything you like. But if your kids are going to be left ale while mom prepares her Old Fashied afterno, then these restrictis are of great help.

The video ctent may be marked as follows:

  • Vulgar language.
  • Violence and disturbing imagery
  • Nudity and sexually suggestive ctent
  • Representati of harmful or dangerous activities

I am not the reas why nudity is this list. After all, everye – even children – has a body that he can see at any time.

How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode in Safari

  Enable YouTube Restricted Mode Enable YouTube Restricted Mode
: Cult of Mac

YouTube restrictis are browser-based. To enable them, make sure you're signed in to your YouTube account and follow the instructis:

  1. Click the ic of the user at the top right of the window …

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