How to register Apple TV your Mac, wireless

Today, we are going to learn how to record a movie that is playing your Apple TV directly your Mac, without a cable, without a weird hack, and even without third party software. The tools are all built into all delivered Macs. To record a movie outside of the "screen" of your Apple TV, you will use Apple's QuickTime app, and e of its lesser known features but very powerful.

QuickTime Movie Recording

Note: Earlier The versi of this article incorrectly indicated that you could save the screen with the New Screen Recording menu command (^ N). It has been corrected for New Movie Recording (⌥⌘N). Thanks to Guy Moore II for the reporter .

This trick uses the QuickTime movie recording feature . This is designed to make screencasts, save the screen of your own Mac and then share the result as a video file. But the QuickTime screen recorder can do more than just capture the Mac's screen. It can also record any cnected device, wired or wireless.

For example, I used it to make screen recordings of the iPhone and the iPad, which I would then turn into GIF for practical messages. Now in iOS 11, the iPhone and the iPad can record their own screens, so you do not need this trick. But it is still very cvenient to register the Apple TV.

How to register Apple TV with QuickTime

You'll love it like that's easy. Just run the applicati QuickTime Player (it is located in the folder Applicatis of your Mac ). Then go to the menu bar and click File> New Movie Recording (keyboard shortcut ⌥ ⌘N ).

Start by opening a new movie recording window.

In the new window, click the small arrow at the top of the red save butt. This will show the sources available for the recording. Your Apple TV should just appear here. I do not have Apple TV, but as you can see, my AirParrot server appears, which is a kind of Apple TV software. All cnected "cameras" like the iPhone or Apple TV will show up here

  quicktime sources Choose your source here

ce If you have selected your Apple TV as a source, you should immediately see your Apple TV reflected your Mac. This trick will not work with video files that are cluttered with DRM, but it should work for most video ctent, including YouTube.

To record the stream, simply press record

the Apple TV screen, breaks or other interactis that you perform with the Apple TV video will also be recorded. This means that the quality of recording depends the speed and quality of your Wi-Fi network

Look at Apple TV your Mac

This trick also allows you to stream video from your Apple TV your Mac. You do not need to press record. You can simply park the window in the corner of your screen, or maximize it, and use it to watch the video. It's a very neat hack for watching Apple TV shows and movies the Mac.

If you have an Apple TV and a Mac, then try. After all, you already have all the tools installed. And if you encounter video sources that do not work, or that work surprisingly let us know.

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