How to master Split View the Mac

The shared view the iPad is amazing. Two applicatis, side by side, open all sorts of neat shortcuts. You can drag text, links, and images from Safari to note applicatis, e-mail, Page documents, and more. The Mac has less need of such a mode, because the screens are bigger, and you can already place two windows side by side, but a small MacBook, where every inch 1/64 counts, Split View is a interesting feature. Here's how to use it

Two applicatis, a screen.

The shared view the Mac may be harder to use than the iPad, but ce you get used to it, it works as well. Instead of grabbing an app ic and dropping it your workspace, like the iPad, Mac Split-View uses applicati windows. So, how do you take a window the Mac? After all, we grab and move Mac windows all day, and they never try to go full screen.

To access Split View the Mac, you must click and drag the full screen green butt at the top left of any window. This will make you fall into Split mode. The menu bar disappears, your window narrows and a transparent gray block covers half of the screen. This block is the target of Split View. Drag your window to the left of the right of the screen, and then drop it

  Split View Entry  Mac Split View Entry Mac

The first step. ce you have dropped your window in half of the screen, the other half is filled with thumbnails of all other open applicati windows. Just click e of them to select it as your first window partner. Boom as they say. You are now in Split View, with two apps each using half of the screen, with no menu bar. It's very zen.

Enter Shared View when you are already in fullscreen

  Use Missi Ctrol to add applicatis to spaces. Use Missi Ctrol to add applicatis to spaces.
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If you already have an applicati in full screen mode, you can add another applicati to make it a shared view. To do this, slide your finger the trackpad with four fingers to open the missi ctrol. This opens a secti at the top of the screen showing your applicatis in full screen. Simply grab an applicati window at the bottom of the screen and drag it to the full-screen applicati in the top secti. That's all. Applicatis will share the 50:50 screen.

How to Resize Applicatis in Mac Split View

Just like iPad, you can resize your windows in Split View. To do this, place the mouse pointer the line that separates the applicatis. The mouse pointer changes to a double-ended horiztal arrow. Use it to drag the center line and resize the windows of the applicati. iOS, you can ly divide 50:50 or 70:30 (roughly). the Mac, there are no such restrictis. You can resize the windows as you wish, although there is a minimum width for the smaller window.

How to exit the shared view the Mac

You can leave the shared view in two ways. You can click the green full screen butt of any of the applicatis, and this applicati will shrink in a normal window. The other applicati will remain as a full screen applicati, which you can return using Missi Ctrol.

The other method is to press the Escape key, which does the same thing. I find the escape shortcut quite boring, because sometimes I use the escape key for something else, and I end up being kicked out of Split View.

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