How to Manage Storage Apple TV

Are you receiving a warning your Apple TV that no lger ctains disk space? tvOS tries to suggest that you should clean up the mess to recover valuable storage. No need to worry, managing storage Apple TV is an easy task, as lg as you do not mind getting rid of some unwanted items.

You can quickly take a look at the amount of storage csumed by your applicati. digital decoder. And if you do not use certain applicatis or if you find objects that occupy more space than normal, delete them all. Do not worry. you will be able to download your purchased apps again at no cost.

 How to Manage Storage  Apple TV

How to Manage Storage Apple TV

tvOS allows you to check the level of storage your TV You can view the amount of space csumed by each applicati and take appropriate acti to remove unwanted applicatis in order to recover space.

Step # 1. Launch Parameters app   Parameters your decoder.

Step # 2. Now click General and select Manage Storage.

Step # 3. the next screen, you should see the list of applicatis installed your TV and the amount of storage csumed by each of them. Between them.

If some applicatis take more space than normal, you should remove them. In additi, if there are items that you hardly use your TV, delete them.

Remove unwanted applicatis:

Keep in mind when you delete an applicati, all its associated data will also be deleted. device. However, you can download for free your apps purchased from the App Store for free; if you have ever felt the need to recover them.

Just highlight the ic of the recycle bin …

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