How to make sure your iPhone fireworks photos are fired with a shot

The fireworks of July 4th of last year made you say ooh and ahh but when you look at your iPhone pictures of that night, the sound you make is more pouah . Want to take better pictures of fireworks this time?

Do not blame Siri or a Cupertino engineer for a previous photo fails. The iPhone's camera, as powerful as it may be, can not do everything for you – especially in harsh lighting cditis like a fireworks display. But with a little thought and preparati, you can revive this vacati your iPhone camera

Here are some simple tips to sparkle your firework photos.

How to make great pictures of fireworks iPhone

You may need to spend a few dollars before the big night. You will need a tripod to stabilize your device. I will also recommend an applicati that gives you some camera ctrols. Do not worry – the apps I propose will not require formal educati.

Buy a tripod

  Looking for great iPhone photography accessories for your equipment bag? Here are the best tripods and stands A tripod is an indispensable iPhone accessory for great firework pictures.
Photo: Ally Kazmucha / The App Factor

This tip is crucial to achieving the best firework photos: Take a tripod and use it.

Fireworks will reveal how hectic there is when you take a picture with an iPhone. When you hold your device in frt of you in a dark place, something as simple as your own breathing will scramble the image. This is not something you normally worry about when you take pictures in the middle of a sunny day because there is a lot of light and the iPhone …

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