How to make a website that fits in its own link

Quick questi: If you wanted to publish a web site of a page at the moment, how would you do it? You would put it a service like Tumblr, or you had to register a domain name, find a host and Zzzzzzzz. But what if you could create this webpage and then compress it into its own link? Whenever somee clicked this link, it would decompact and appear in its browser as any normal web page. That's what Itty Bitty does

It's pretty wild, and gets even wilder. Because if you can paste your link anywhere, like a Tweet, you can also turn that link into a QR code and print it. If you do, this paper QR code ctains your current website. Whenever somee scans it, it will be unpacked, and returned, with no internet required.

Itty Bitty Websites

Itty Bitty is from Nicholas Jitkoff aka. Alcor, the creator of Quicksilver, and currently vice president of design at Dropbox. It csists of a web editor that allows you to type what you want. When you're happy with what you've written – a poem, resume, or a fully coded web page with images – you just need to copy the URL of the Safari URL bar. Then share this URL as if you shared any link.

The difference is that your website is ctained in this URL. This is not a regular link that points to a website hosted somewhere the Internet. It's completely automous.

Now, this comes with some cstraints, the biggest of which is size. The Itty Bitty editor reduces your text as much as …

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