How to make a phe call with HomePod

Looking for a guide How to make a phe call with HomePod. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we will explain a guide how to make a phe call with HomePod and explain the benefits to you.

A software replacement for the HomePod made it possible to make a direct call using the loudspeaker, without even having to ctact your iPhone.

Before the replacement, it was possible to call the speaker – however, we first want to access the websites or settle for your iPhone. Now you can possibly reduce the iPhone to the maximum.

Here’s how…

How is it for a particular pers with the help of HomePod

There are different methods for making a phe call. In a different cclusi:

I say, “Hey Siri, call [name]

I say, “Hey Siri, dial 01234 567890 [speaking the numbers out loud]

Siri will ask you to verify that this is the call to the correct pers.

When you finish the call, just say, “Hey, Siri, hang up the phe.”

To answer a call to the HomePod

If your phe rings, you can optially use the answer directly your HomePod.

If you find out then that your iPhone can make a call just to say “Hey, Siri, find out my iPhone.

How to find out who you are the HomePod

If you miss a call, just ask:

“Hey, Siri” who called me? ”

Siri will respd by telling you that “your last call [name/number]”.

If you want to know the opposing calls that you need to check in your iPhone, all of them.

How to transfer a call from HomePod to your iPhone

If you are talking to somee through the HomePod, but need to get away from the way of your HomePod, you can possibly use the lg-term reminder.

Tap the Audio tab, which can reveal a variety of choices for making the phe call, for example because the iPhone, speakerphe, built-in speakerphe your iPhone, watch (if you have any a), your Mac (if it has been cfigured to obtain calls) and the HomePod (assigned to the title correspding to the situati).

Just plug in the iPhone to have the choice of transferring it to the system.

How to transfer a call from iPhone to HomePod

If you are a call, you can possibly switch to the HomePod, so that you can give yourself the possibility of switching to the iPhone headset or speaker.

This time choose HomePod, who csidered that e of us is the title of the Office as so as in the room, the HomePod can be retained.

Why can’t I call the HomePod?

If your HomePod does not make a call, it is not possible to be up to date to use the HomePod OS12. Here’s how to get your HomePod software program.

Before the HomePod OS12, replace it for you, when you said “Hey Siri, call [name]”Siri respds:” I can’t help you with the HomePod discussis. ”

For more data the all-new optis, OS12 bought it to use the HomePod for: the new optis of the HomePod.

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