How to fix (and avoid) iPhone X OLED Burn-in

T The Super Retina Edge screen of the iPhone X is without a doubt impressive. It's also the first time that Apple uses an OLED display for its iPhones

OLED technology offers a huge improvement over LCD screens, with higher resolutis and ctrast ratios, more blacks deep, better brightness levels and outstanding color accuracy. 19659002] But while its list of benefits might be lg, OLED technology is not without its drawbacks. Fortunately, they do not break the device and are easy enough to prevent.

Problems with OLED Displays

There are some minor issues that can occur with OLED-based displays.

The first is the appearance of slight changes in the color and hue of the display when viewing an iPhone X in ctra-angle. No big problem. According to Apple, this is a normal behavior of OLED screens.

But a slightly larger problem could be the persistence of the image, commly known as "burn-in". This happens when your screen displays a ghostly image of things that have appeared the screen before, even when you move to a new image.

While a slight burn-in is a characteristic behavior of OLED displays, the effect may worsen depending how you …

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