How to enable and disable "Hey Siri" your iPhone and iPad


The "Hey Siri" functi of Apple can be useful for most users, but there are times when you do not want it to activate and provoke an interrupti. AppleInsider explains how to prevent the activati of the hands-free voice prompt and how to re-enable it.

The ability to ask a questi to the virtual assistant of Apple saying "Hey Siri" in advance is an interesting feature, especially in cases where the Siri manual trigger n & # 39; 39 is not really an opti. People holding objects or with dirty hands can easily use the verbal prompt to find something without making a mess of their iOS device or interrupting their existing task.

It has even been used in emergency situatis, saving lives in the process.

There are some drawbacks to having the functi active all the time, like poorly detected "wake word" prunciatis causing Siri to answer for himself. Most iOS users are likely to have encountered situatis where this happens, and while it may be boring for some, the last thing everye wants is to interrupt an event or an important meeting.

Tuesday, the British Parliament met this scenario, after Siri "heckled" Defense Secretary Gavin Williams during a speech by the House of Comms. It seems that his own iPhone had misinterpreted the MP's "Syria" and "Syrian" mentis as the verbal prompt, prompting Siri to research and begin to advise the results in public.

Despite Apple's work to counter misunderstandings, the problem should develop in the future ….

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