How to Edit or Remove Credit Card Informati from Chrome Autofill iPhone, Android, and Computer

Chrome Autofill can be very useful if you frequently shop line. With your credit card information as well as other important details already saved in the web browser, you will be able to place orders or buy things quickly. Perfect time saver for people who are fd of approaching the smooth sailing, is not it? Adding your information to the applicati is quite simple because the browser itself asks you to save it. In additi, you can choose to edit or delete your Chrome autofill credit card information your iPhone, Android and computer as you please.

To ensure you have complete freedom to protect your privacy, Chrome allows you to erase all the automatically fill in the data at ce. In additi, you can also turn it off if you decide to no lger use it your mobile device or your desktop.

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Change your credit card information from Chrome Autofill iPhone, iPad and Android device

Step # 1. Open the Chrome app your device, and then tap another butt in the upper right corner.

Step # 2. Now press Settings and select Auto Entry Forms / Autofill and Payments

You can now edit or delete a credit card in Chrome:


Simply press the credit card and then change. After editing the information, press De to cfirm.

To delete a card:

Press Edit. Select the credit card you wish to remove and press Remove. Press Finished to cfirm the change.

For privacy, you can delete all of your auto-fill information. Keep reading …

Delete Your …

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