How to disable Emergency SOS iPhone and Apple Watch

An Apple Watch or iPhone that inadvertently keeps calling 9-1-1 is not ly annoying, but can also be a problem for local authorities.

In some extreme cases, occasial 9-1-1 calls may destroy the emergency services in an area. We saw it with devices that were accidentally activated in a repair shop. But what if your own device works at home?

This is what happened to a Redditor who reports that his Apple Watch ctinues to send SOS messages to his emergency ctacts.

According to the user, the telephe will send an emergency SOS when it is not being handled, for example when it is a table or in the passenger seat of a vehicle.

The Redditor ctacted Apple Support, who ly told them to remove the cover from their iPhone to see if the problem solved. And so, if this happens to you, we recommend that you remove it to see that it solves the problem.

But having said that, you can also make the emergency SOS a bit harder to accidentally activate.

Disable emergency SOS iPhone

There are several ways to activate Emergency SOS iPhones and you can change it as desired. Go to

  1. settings
  2. SOS for emergencies
  3. Switch the switch next to the off Call the side butt.

When this parameter is activated, pressing the side butt five times quickly activates functiality – something that is easy to do for a poorly tuned case.

If you encounter problems, we recommend that you turn them off. You can still make SOS emergency calls via cservati some butts.

Disable Emergency SOS Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is also a notorious SOS dialer for emergencies because of the Hold Side Butt butt setting.

Sometimes, depending how you wear your watch, your wrist may accidentally activate the setting.

  1. Just open the View the applicati your iPhone.
  2. Go directi SOS for emergencies.
  3. Switch off the switch next to Hold down the side butt.

If all else fails …

If ne of these adjustments work for you, this may be due to an error in recent versis of iOS (as the original Redditor had thought). In these cases, you may need to resolve the issue ly until Apple provides a soluti.

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