How to cvert any video (or sg) into an MP3

Cverting an audio track to MP3 the Mac is really easy. Just open it with iTunes and choose the File > Cvert opti in the menu bar. iOS, there is no native way to do it. There are many fashiable apps in the App Store that offer to create MP3s for you, but it is likely that you already have the answer installed your iPhone or iPad. The Apple WorkFlow app can quickly and easily cvert any audio file (or video) to MP3.

WorkFlow to the rescue … again

WorkFlow is like Automator Mac, ly better, and iOS. Apple bought it last year and ctinues to update it. WorkFlow allows you to automate all sorts of things, and to do tasks that require either downloading a new applicati, or otherwise impossible. Best of all, it's free.

Today, we will use the WorkFlow Encode Media Acti to take a video or audio file and cvert it to MP3.

WorkFlow's Encoder Media acti will do the job.

First, open …

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