How to ctinue using Time Machine without AirPort or Time Capsule

Apple's AirPort routers have introduced a revolutiary new feature in the world: easy backups. Time Machine. Time Machine is the automatic backup utility of Apple, and it makes backups easy enough for n-nerds to use regularly.

The easiest way to use it was to buy a Time Capsule, an integrated AirPort wireless router. Time Capsule, nobody has saved. After Time Capsule, anye can keep hourly, daily, and weekly backups without even thinking about it. But now that Apple has stopped making Time Capsule routers and AirPort in general, how do you keep using Time Machine?

Why use Time Machine?

Time Machine is fantastic. Not ly does it create a backup of your Mac, it updates it every hour, and it does it without any interacti from you, the user. It also allows you to restore individual items that you have deleted by mistake, and at a pinch, it will serve as a hard disk backup to use to restore a new Mac if your current Mac dies. Even if you use another backup method, you should also use Time Machine.

Time Machine does not care (much) about the disc you use

Time Machine is software. At first you needed a Time Capsule to use it, but later, Apple added support for any hard drive plugged into your Mac. And later, support for network drives has been added.

So, the easiest way to keep using Time Machine is to plug a new USB drive into your Mac, and wait for macOS to display a sign asking if you want to use Time Machine backups. It will do it every time you cnect a new drive, making it the easiest way to use Time Machine. ce you agree to use it, the new drive will become the destinati for Time Machine incremental backups. And because it's cnected directly to your Mac, it's fast.

How to add a disk cnected to Time Machine

If your player does not trigger automatic cfigurati when you plug it in (it may be an old disk you have already used), you can easily cfigure them things manually in Time Machine preferences. Go to System Preferences> Time Machine or by clicking the Time Machine ic in the menu bar, then choose Open Time Machine Preferences … from the list. Click Select disk and choose your cnected disk from the list that appears.

Choose your backup disk in the Time Machine Preferences. Photo: Worship of Mac

That's it. Just be sure to check box Encrypt Backups to prevent eyes from being noticed the backup disk. Remember, all sensitive data your Mac will also be copied to this drive.

How to Add a Wireless Backup to Your Time Machine

Cnecting a USB Flash Drive is the easiest way to use Time Machine, but you must have the cnected drive for it to work. This is of course an iMac (you can even use an internal spare as a Time Machine volume if you have e), but not so good for a MacBook.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. You can purchase a Time Machine-compatible NAS (Network Attached Storage) device and cnect it to your network. Or, if you have a sophisticated router, you can use it.

Some routers have USB ports to which you can cnect a USB stick. ce cnected, the player becomes available for any computer cnected to your home Wi-Fi network. The instructis for getting this cfigurati vary from device to device, but in general it is not more difficult than setting up a Time Capsule.

Cnecti Tips for Time Machine Backups

For all these optis, just make sure that the cnected drive is available for the Time Machine applicati your Mac. Because there are so many different types of router and NAS available, we can not cover them all here. There is however a good tip that applies to many of them.

The trick is that it can often help to make the initial backup by plugging the USB drive directly into your Mac. This takes care of turning the drive into a compatible Time Machine drive, as well as completing the initial backup a wire, which – for USB 3.0 at least – is much faster. Then, when you cnect the drive to your router, not ly is backup the most important, but the drive is already properly cfigured to work with Time Machine.

Should the router buy you instead of AirPort?

  The Netgear R7000P has a USB port right there  the frt. The Netgear R7000P has a USB port the frt
Photo: Netgear

If you are planning to replace your AirPort router or your Time Capsule, you might csider the current choice of the Wirecutter, the Netgear R7000P, which has a USB port, works very well as a router and is easy to cfigure. This is also, in Wirecutter's tests, e of the fastest routers around.

If you decide this unit, instructis for setting it up work with Time Machine. Even if you do not have a Netgear router, the instructis are strg enough to cfigure any router to work with Time Machine.

Buy From: Amaz – $ 165.15 [19659005] Do not Panic

The optis for Time Machine backups will ctinue lg after the disappearance of Apple's Airport routers. In fact, Time Capsule was never a great device anyway. If you are thinking of choosing e before current stocks dry up, do not do it. Buy an appropriate router instead, and plug in a USB key. It will be cheaper, more extensible, and easier to use. Goodbye airport? Good riddance, I say.

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