How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts Mac

There are several ways to boost your productivity mac. But the e that can make a decisive change is a custom shortcut. Still, put your hands this ground? Creating custom keyboard shortcuts for Mac apps is fun, and you'd like to use them to speed up your work and make it more efficient.

Keep in mind; you can ly create keyboard shortcuts for existing menu commands. You will not be allowed to create them for general tasks such as opening an applicati. Another thing to note is that some applicatis may not allow you to set keyboard shortcuts.

 How to create custom keyboard shortcuts  Mac

So, create the shortcut for the menu item, which you need to access time and again in an applicati or in all applicatis . Just make sure it fits your usage.

How to create custom keyboard shortcuts macOS

Step # 1. First, click Apple Menu and select System Preferences

]  Click  System Preferences  Mac

Step # 2. Now click Keyboard

 Click  the keyboard  System Preferences Mac

Step # 3. Select Shortcuts → Then click Shortcuts for the applicati the left

 ] Click  Shortcuts and then  Shortcuts for the applicati in Keyboard Settings under Mac

Step 4: Next, click Add Butt   Add Ic

 Click More to add an r custom shortcut  Mac

Step # 5. Next, click the Applicati drop-down menu then select a specific applicati or All Applicatis

Note: If an applicati is not in the list, select Other and then find it using the Open dialog box. If you want to define a shortcut for a menu command that appears in multiple applicatis, be sure to select All Applicatis.

In the Menu Title field, you must enter menu command for which you want to create a shortcut. Then click in the Keyboard Shortcut field and then press the key combinati that you …

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