How to Create Blank Ics iPhone or iPad

e of the coolest ways I make my home screen iPhone look catchy is by setting up a fascinating screen background. I really hate when I find apps that do not allow the screen to show its charm. Looking for a hack to overcome this obstacle, I came across a site called "iempty tooliphe" that allows you to create blank ics iPhone and iPad.

So, how does this tool work? Well, it adds empty spaces to the home screen of your iOS device by adding transparent Safari bookmarks. Therefore, you can place the ics of your applicati where you want while leaving empty spaces between them so that your wallpaper can weave magic without any interference!

 How to Create Blank Ics  iPhone or iPad

How to Create an Empty Ic Your iPhone or iPad

Step # 1. First, Touch and hold an applicati ic the home screen to trigger the mode of wiggle

When apps start to move, you must swipe to the left to reach the far right the home screen page to access the empty page. Then you have to capture a screenshot of the page.

Just click the Home butt and the side butt at ce to take the screen capture. your iPhone X, you have to click the side butt and the volume butt at the same time to capture the screen.

 Taking a screenshot of Blank HomeScreen  iPhone

Step # 2. Now open Safari and go to http: // iempty. Then tap Create BLANK Ics and select Add.

 Press Create White Ic and then press Add  iPhone

Step # 3. Then, press Choose File

 Press Choose File  iPhone or iPad

Step # 4. Press Photo Library and then select screen capture that you have just captured.

 Download Homescreen Blank Screen Capture iPhone or iPad

# 5. Then press Send. Now, wait a few secds until your photo has been uploaded

 Tap Send ce you download Blank Homescreen Screen Capture  iPhone or iPad [19659002] Step # 6. After your screen capture at …

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