How to Create an Empty Homescreen iPhone or iPad

I do my best to make sure the iPhone's home screen is not overloaded with too many apps. But I love exploring new and exciting apps and so can not help download a t of them my device. As a result, the screen background does not get the desired freedom to show its charm. Finally, I decided to create a completely empty home screen my iPhone to allow fascinating wallpapers to shine without restricti – but without removing any applicati!

Creating an empty home screen iPhone or iPad has never been so simple. You can transport all your applicatis to another page to make your screen completely empty. If you do not want to have the luxury of Dock, you have the opti to keep it too.

 How to Create an Empty Home Screen  iPhone or iPad

How to Create an Empty Home Screen iPhone and iPad

Step # 1. Touch and hold an applicati the home screen of your iPhone .

Step # 2. When entering edit mode drag an applicati and drop it another applicati to create a folder.

I recommend you create folders according to a particular category. For example, place all your social apps in a separate folder. And drop your entire productivity suite into a folder so you can access it quickly.

Step # 3 ce you have created folders, drag them all to another page.

You can also delete the applicatis that are in the Dock. Drop them in a folder or drag them to another page.

Step # 4. Next, press the Home butt to prevent apps from squirming.

Note: your iPhone x, tap Finished to exit edit mode. 19659002] See! Your screen background to the whole …

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