How to Clear iPhe X RAM: A Quick Way to Fix Sluggish Performance

  How to erase the RAM  the iPhe X

Powered by 3GB of RAM, the iPhe X is designed to work at top speed. Whether you want to play high-octane games, watch your favorite movies or browse the web for hours, the smartphe can beautifully meet the high demand. However, if you burn the device at each end, you may need to erase the RAM from your iPhe X from time to time to keep the merchandise running smoothly.

Resetting the memory to another iPhe or iPad is a little easier thanks to the availability of the Home butt. So, how to flush the RAM the iPhe X without the icic butt? AssistiveTouch comes to the rescue! Although the process is not so simple, it works fine in resetting the RAM the iPhe X.

 How to erase the RAM  the iPhe X

How to clear RAM the iPhe X

Note: [19659007] It will clear RAM from background processes, system processes and applicatis. In additi, it will also clean all temporary files from temporary storage. However, this acti will not remove any applicati from the applicati selector.

  • Another thing to note is that you can use these same steps (mentied below) to erase the Ram any iPhe running iOS 11 or later without Home butt.
  • Step # 1. Open the Settings app your iPhe → General → Accessibility.

     Press Settings, then General, and then Accessibility  iPhe or iPad

    Step # 2. Press AssistiveTouch and turn it . Now a gray and white circle will appear the screen.

     Activate Assistive Touch  iPhe

    Step # 3. Now you must return to the applicati Parameters and select General → Next, scroll down and tap Stop.

     Power Disabled iPhe X

    Step # 4. Then press the ic AssistiveTouch → Next up, you …

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