How to Clean Your Dirty AirPods and Load Case

AirPods has been a huge success for Apple for several reass. Amg them are the cvenience, seamless integrati with business devices and a large load case. However, with a good product comes a lot of use, which means the accumulati of dirt, grime, and in the case of AirPods, cerumen. Follow them to find out how to clean them …


With the main part of the AirPods being white, it can be easy to focus wiping the outside of the headphes and forgetting to check the grilles of black speaker. If you have not regularly cleaned the grilles of your AirPods, you probably have problems of accumulati

How to clean your dirty AirPods and your loading case

  1. Take a cott swab and a rag in microfiber
  2. Remove some of the excess cott from e end for a more accurate but still soft tool
  3. Try to clean your AirPods and its case without using any liquid
  4. Other great optis mentied by the 9to5Mac players below include using Blu-Tack or using a …

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