How to Choose the Best Mesh Wireless System For Your Home

[[[[Update # 5, August 11, 2018 – Added new Plume SuperPods and Deco M9 Plus hardware to the list and started tracking the entire Plume (and I was impressed!). We compared the robustness of eero, Plume, Velop, Orbi and updated the notes in the purchase advice secti. See change history]

Mesh radio system has all the rage of today, and there are just reass. With mesh networking technology, we are able to provide high speed coverage that allows important simple setup and management without dead spots everywhere in the home.

There are many products that call themselves "meshes", not all of which share the same functiality. For our purposes, we define a mesh as a system that uses multiple wireless access points located throughout the house and broadcast all the same wireless network name (SSID), all from e interface We manage. This last bit is managed mostly from e interface, so all devices are aware of each other and you can manage Wi-Fi throughout the house without worrying about it.

It may be a bit difficult to classify your way from this mesh mess. In particular, software updates are released, and previously missing features were added or enhanced. Remember: You can change the software after purchase, but you can not change the hardware. Also, although hardware may seem like the most important factor to csider at the time of purchase, you need to determine if the vendor you choose is likely to update the software at your acceptable pace Yes.

I persally tested all of this system, but they all work very well. Still, there are specific functis that we feel important, and more important functis. I will read and tell you how to decide which mesh wireless system is right …



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