How to check the Apple Pencil battery percentage

Are you looking for a guide how to check the Apple Pencil battery percentage. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we’re going to teach you a guide how to check the Apple Pencil battery percentage and explain the benefits.

The Apple, the Pencil must have a show or an LED indicator to let you know how much battery it has left, or if it is to operate completely without energy. But d’t worry, it’s easy to make an Apple and a pencil, a battery, a percentage.

If the Pencil when paired with an iPad, you just need to wake up your pill and flip it to the appropriate side of the display screen (from the lock display screen, or the web page main display of the home screen, as you will see, the view, today and for the matching widgets. e of the widgets that you can use to select a battery indicator showing the remaining energy of the ‘iPad and all equipment efficiently.

If you d’t want to see the Battery widget, swipe up to see more widgets in a body – it goes down netheless. If not, we will have to add it.

How do you use the Battery widget

Press the Edit butt under Today view in the widget registrati, then enter your fingerprint or password to unlock it when you want. This will take you to adding widgets to a web page.

How to check Apple and Pencil, battery percentage widgets, add a

The first recording shows the widgets that are currently animated, and due to the sliding of the three-line ics the timeline of each, you can change the order in which they appear. However, we would like to create a whole new look by the Widgets below.

It is organized in alphabetical order, so that the batteries wish to be closed as much as possible. If you are the spot the more inexperienced signal that follows, and it will go below to the highest of the record. Just drag it to the locati specified in the recording.

What if the pencil lead is simply not linked?

If you have the iPad, and the Apple and the pencil are not (or if it is a pencil, it is completely out of supply), it will not be displayed in the widget Battery you really want. In this case, you must use the pencil functi the Lightning port of the iPad.

How to check the presence of Apple and pencil, the battery, the percentage: associate with a pencil

First, this will start to charge the battery. And secdly, if and when he has the opportunity to do so, he will request the placement of the link to this gadget and the discnecti of all the others. Please check that you really want to be paid, and the battery percentage will probably be displayed in the widget a regular basis, and it will stay there even if you then discnect the cable from the 2 gadgets.

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