How to change your iPhe passcode so the cops can’t hack it

It's time to stop using this useless 6-digit password your iPhe. Now that the cops around the United States are going crazy for the GrayKey, a little box that can break your iPhe's access code in a matter of hours, it has become clear that the regular six-digit numeric code of the iPhe IPhe is no lger secure. And now, these boxes are available, it will not be lg before they are in the hands of the bad guys, if they are not already.

The good news is, it's super easy to change your password for something much better. Bad news? There are ne, unless you have cops trying to get into your iPhe, in which case you already have a lot of bad news.

Touch ID, Face ID and Best Access Codes

Thanks to Touch ID and Face ID, a lg password costs you almost nothing. Even if the access code is as lg as a lg Tweet, you will hardly ever need to type it. The ly real limit is whether you can remember it or not.

Just type your main password A few times: This is necessary after the restart of the iPhe, for example, or when you want to update iOS. The iPhe also asks for the password every few days, depending the time you spent without using the iPhe. The rest of the time, you ignore the entry of the access code through FaceID or Touch ID

The first step is therefore to make sure that you use Touch ID or Face ID. Touch ID is slow older iPhes, but if you have an iPhe 6s or better, you use the secd-generati sensor, which is …

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