How to change the focus of Siri iPhone and iPad, and why you should not

Most people refer to Siri as "her," but that is not always true. The original British English Siri, for example, was reserved for men until iOS 7.1 added a female versi. Likewise, you do not have to stick with your local versi of comically bad voice wizard from Apple. Anglophes, for example, can choose between American, Australian and British Siris, and choose a male or female versi of each, for six optis.

So, if you're an American native who looks at the British Standard Accent as quaint, cute, respectful, sexy, or reproached, it's easy to set up your iPhone or iPad to adopt the new accent. Let's see how to change Siri's focus

Does Siri's accent affect Siri's ability to recognize my voice

This is the number e questi you might ask yourself before moving to a new Siri accent. If you change Siri to speak Australian, would Siri expect you to speak with an Australian accent? Most evidence indicates "yes".

According to Apple's support pages, Siri is trained to recognize local accents:

You can use Siri in any country or regi, with any of the languages supported. Since Siri is designed to recognize accents and dialects of supported countries or regis, Siri's accuracy rate will be highest for native speakers.

But, is it based the country or regi or the chosen focus? different parameters. You can set your iPhone to the US regi and use American English, but tell Siri which you prefer …

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