How To Change Dock Color in macOS

Changing the color of the Mac dock is e of my favorite ways to add a nice persal touch to the laptop. While this involves a bit of workaround, the end result is worth its weight in gold!

So, how to make the Dock more colorful your MacOS? Well, you must first disable System Integrity Protecti (SIP) your device to go ahead with the process. Then you will need to copy some files and use a photo editing applicati to tweak their color. And yes, Terminal also enters the scene. Ready to try your device? Let me guide you through the process!

 How to change the color of dock  Mac

How to change the color of dock Mac

Note: As mentied above, make sure that SIP is off you will not be able go ahead if it's still activated.

Step # 1. Launch Finder your Mac and go to / System / Library / CoreServices

(To do this, click Go to Menu → Go to the folder → enter / System / Library / CoreServices and then press Go.)

 Click Go to Folder in Finder  Mac   Go to CoreServices folder  Mac

Step # 2. Then, right click and select Display the package ctents.

 Click  Show Package Ctents in Dock folder  Mac

Step # 3. Then go to folder Ctents

 Open file of ctent  Mac

Step # 4. Open file Resources .

 Open the Resources folder  Mac

Step # 5. Next, you must copy and paste the files mentied below to your desktop or folder, depending what which works best for you!

  • Dockbackground.png
  • Dockbackground@2x.png
  • Dockbackgrounddark.png
  • Dockbackgrounddark @ 2x.png

  Copying the dock background image files

Jump over to get sample files for the blue dock

Note: I recommend you create a folder named Backup. Then you have to paste the four files into this folder. This is to make sure your backup files are secure. In additi, you can use …

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