How to cfigure two HomePods as a stereo pair

Are you looking for a guide How to cfigure two HomePods as a stereo pair. Not sure if you need it for your task? Do not worry. In this article, we will teach you a guide how to cfigure two HomePods as a stereo pair and explain the benefits.

If the HomePod is likely to be launched, e of the many criticisms that it was unfavorable compared to that of the Sos audio system, for example, that you cannot link to more than e in all. The way to cnect to a number of audio systems is a very useful feature that you have or you can use stereo hi-fi sound in e room or multi-room sound throughout your private home, and that of Apple seems to have been left behind.

Well, that’s the company behind it. The lg-awaited launch of speaker 2 and HomePod OS / iOS, 11.4, you can use the link with a number of audio systems, you can even have a HomePod to Sos, or another n-Apple speaker. In this tutorial, we show you how easy it is to get two of the HomePods cnected as a stereo pair.

For more suggestis, use a HomePod.

If you want to cfigure a HomePod as a new e

We will start with what we csider to be the most likely situati. It is likely that e of the HomePods is new. If you had a setup and now, drawn to the promise of the all-new pairing feature, you will need to I bought a secd e.

So the very first thing you’ll need to do is set up and join the secd HomePod using the same iPhone as in the first. Plug it into capacity, press and hold (unlock) the iPhone to turn it off. A cfigurati window should appear your phe. Press it to cfigure it to start the method.

Choose any room in the house cfigurati, it’s your decisi to add the brand new system. It must be in the same room as the main HomePod.

If the problems go well, you will get a useful message asking you to cfigure them as a couple. Press to use as stereo pair, then determine whether the brand new system is to the left or right of the link. (You can just change it later.)

The set of two HomePods in stereo pair: Pair

Finally, you accept the use of identical accounts and parameters for the HomePod as for the iPhone, and this is the first HomePod by clicking the transfer parameters, after which wait until the method is complete. It ly takes a moment, but it depends the quality of the cnecti.

Finally, you may be informed that the “HomePod is finished, just press the De butt. You will probably be taken to the appropriate room of your Home applicati, you will see that the two elements have been mixed under a single ic (with the two Pods above). This means that you have to suspend or read it with e click.

The set of two HomePods in stereo pair:

Press and hold the ic, then press the parameters if you need to change the channel, its group and / or modify different parameters.

If you have the cfigurati of each HomePod as new

Now we could say that you have been splashed e Multi-HomePods at a time, or for some reas each of them is in place before you start the method.

The implementati of the first HomePod in comm resources. Press and hold the unlocked iPhone will likely be in space, after which press Cfigure and choose a room, then activate or deactivate persal needs, etc. Of course, you will not be provided with the selecti of how to cfigure a few more, as it is the ly system to date.

When you could have finished the cfigurati of the secd HomePod, after the method in the first part.

How to cfigure a HomePod is a stereo-y pair

If the two HomePods are all (but not as a stereo pair)

And finally, what happens when you have installed two HomePods, perhaps in a completely different room, and want to join?

The first job is to put them in the same room, and never just physically. Open your home applicati and look for a HomePod, it is not in the right room, after which press and hold the ic, now press Settings. Tap-Room, and the e that suits you. Then repeat for the secd HomePod, if that doesn’t suit you, both.

You no doubt need to find out, and when you’ve installed the room, you may have the choice at that point to make a stereo pair. Tap to use and you agree to proceed with this strategy, in accordance with the strategy described above. (It’s just not exhausting to perceive.)

How to cfigure a stereo HomePod): English

If this window does not appear, however, or if they are all in the same room, you will need to press and hold the ic for e of the many HomePods, after which tap settings. You will see the choice to create a stereo pair, and a brief way the establishment checklist. Tap it and follow the -screen instructis.

How to cfigure the stereo settings of a HomePod

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