How to cancel App Store subscriptis iPhone or iPad

Subscriptis to apps are great, especially. Trial subscriptis allow you to try all the features of the applicati for free, and if you like the applicati enough to ctinue using it, the developer gets a ctinuous income which allows him to ctinue to improve the applicati. It’s a win-win.

But what happens if you signed up for a trial subscripti and do not like the app? Or maybe you have subscribed to a mthly magazine, and these unread copies keep accumulating? Canceling a subscripti is easy, whether it’s a new trial or a e-year subscripti, you do not want it anymore. Here’s how:

Manage Your App Store Subscriptis

All subscriptis are cceptually identical. There is no difference between your Apple Music subscripti, your Vogue Knitting Magazine subscripti, a game subscripti or a subscripti. These are all recurring mthly or annual payments, and they can all be managed in e place.

The most difficult is to find the subscripti settings
To see all your current subscriptis, go to Settings> iTunes & App store your iPhone or iPad, then press your Apple ID at the top of the page. In the dialog box that appears, choose Show Apple ID and, at the prompt, authenticate with your password or ID face

] Then, scroll until you see the Subscriptis label and press it. You will see the following, ly with an actual list of subscriptis instead of a pixelated screen capture:

 Your subscripti to the App Store and your music subscriptis, all in e place. Your App Store and your music subscriptis in e place.

How to cancel an App Store subscripti

] In the subscriptis panel, you can see your active and expired subscriptis. To cancel an applicati, magazine or other subscripti, simply press the ic of the applicati or service and then click Cancel Subscripti . That’s all. It’s easy.

 I will not cancel it anytime so. Ulysses are worth every penny. I will not cancel it anytime so. Ulysses are worth every penny.

If, in the future, you want to resubscribe, you can do it in the Expired subscriptis secti. Just tap the e you want to re-display and choose an opti the screen. The optis depend the applicati or service.

You can also use these panels to change your subscripti optis. For example, a free trial often becomes a mthly subscripti after the expiry of the test. Maybe you are totally sold the app, so you want to switch to an annual subscripti instead, saving a few cents off the market. You can do it here.

How to cancel a trial subscripti before it charges you

When you cancel a mthly subscripti, the cancellati takes effect the following mth. This means that you can cancel your subscripti at any time, but enjoy it until the end of the current mth. It also works for applicati tests. If you try a new applicati and it asks you to activate a subscripti, go ahead, but immediately check the subscripti management settings detailed above. You can cancel your subscripti right away, while enjoying the free trial period.

Apple makes it easy to manage, edit, and cancel subscriptis from your iPhone or iPad ce you’ve found the settings. Go take a look, and familiarize yourself. If nothing else, knowing how things work, and how easy it is to cancel, can make you more willing to try subscripti-based apps.

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