How to beat Fortnite’s special birthday challenges

Fortnite celebrates its first birthday today, and Epic Games offers special awards to celebrate. But there is a trap!

You will have challenges in the game to claim each. Here is our guide to beat all three.

Epic is well de to make sure that there is always something new to appreciate in Fortnite. His weekly patches offer us new challenges, new weaps, and new equipment.

This week, to celebrate Fortnite First birthday, three additial challenges will reward you with special birthday items. They are all relatively easy and will not take you too lg.

Deals 1000 damage to oppents

Dealing with 1 000 damage seems like a lot, but if you play Royal Battle regularly, you will have this challenge accomplished in no time. You could even do it in a match if you manage to accumulate several killed.

You do not need to use certain weaps for this, so every hit you land counts. Explosive damage is also accepted.

Reward: Fortnite birthday emotic

Dance to 10 different birthday cakes

This challenge is by far the easiest of the three, but you will need several games to finish it. All you need to do is locate ten birthday cakes installed around the Royal Battle card and dance in frt of them.

You can use any dance emotes to complete this, and to help you, here is a map of all the places of the birthday cakes, courtesy of Eurogamer.

Before ctinuing, be sure to find pieces of cake that are around each cake. Eat them, and you will immediately get +5 health and +5 protecti points.

Reward: Happy birthday spray

Play 14 games

It is not easy to earn XP Royal Battle, but thanks to this challenge, you can get a t just by playing games.

You will have to play 14 in total. It does not matter where you finish, and all game modes matter.

Reward: 5000 XP


There is a fourth reward to be w – the birthday cake – but you do not need to do any extra work to claim it. As so as you have accomplished the three challenges above, it’s up to you.

You have until August 7 to meet these challenges, which should give you a lot of time. If you are vacati and have left your csole at home, you remember that you can complete them. Fortnite for iOS instead.


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