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How to add Google Maps to CarPlay In iOS 12

How to get Google Maps to CarPlay In iOS 12: Apple officially adds applicati support Third-party navigati to CarPlay in iOS 12. For many Apple users, it was an announcement both exciting and underrated WWDC-18.

Earlier today, we reported that Waze had begun testing the integrati of CarPlay into beta. Now somee has released screenshots of the Google Maps app in beta, which incorporates the integrati of CarPlay (a new feature available in iOS 12).

Third-party iOS 12 navigati applicatis use an applicati-rendered base layer, which is superimposed standard CarPlay commands. You can see how it works in the screenshots below.

As shown in these screenshots, the Google Maps app ic takes the navigati locati in the sidebar, which up to iOS 12 can ly be occupied by the Apple Maps app.

The arrow and map tiles are rendered by Google, using the Google brand and visual design language. Obviously, the underlying data source is also Google’s. You can see the map in the map and satellite modes. There is a D-Pad ctrol to manually move the map and a microphe butt to perform a voice search.

Hyundai’s new i30 N Line is already compatible with CarPlay.

The applicati uses standard commands from the CarPlay toolbar to add destinatis or access a settings screen. The settings screen is a full-screen pane that ce again features a familiar acti grid layout, such as flip-flops to avoid highways and tolls. Adding a destinati includes actis for recent searches, important places like home and work, and POIs like gas statis.Although Apple’s Maps is far from being a less polished navigati map, there are still many people who just like Google Maps or Waze better. It’s also somewhat surprising, since Google Maps and Waze are both direct competitors of Apple Maps.

Easy navigati

It’s very easy to activate third-party mapping services in CarPlay iOS 12 – as lg as you drive a CarPlay compatible car or a CarPlay equipped vehicle as e of these new vehicles.

Still, it’s a welcome change. Here’s how to take advantage of it: Got a CarPlay-capable vehicle? Here’s what to do:

New Trick: How to add Google Maps to CarPlay – Steps

  1. Sit in your car and open Settings your iPhe, go to General> CarPlay
  2. You should see your vehicle (and the devices supporting CarPlay) appear in the list – you may need to press the voice ctrol butt your steering wheel or the appropriate ctrol of your after-sales device.
  3. Select the e you want to use
  4. Look at your iPhe, you should now see the CarPlay interface your screen. You will see the applicatis installed in the dark secti at the top with the applicatis uninstalled in the blank space below.
  5. Assuming you are using iOS 12 and the latest versi of the mapping applicati you want to use, you should see ics for these applicatis. Simply press the plus butt to add them to your CarPlay setup.
    And now, you can use Google Maps in your CarPlay car so that the advertising giant can ctinue to absorb all your persal data to expand its business – or stay true to Apple Maps, which (I think) is improving dramatically . .

Check Video: Google Maps to CarPlay

Old Trick: How to add Google Maps to CarPlay

How to get iOS 12 with third-party navigati support

To use Google Maps, Waze or other third-party navigati apps your CarPlay interface, you’ll need iOS 12.

For most people, it means waiting until Apple officially releases it in the fall.

Although you can install and use an iOS 12 developer or a public beta, we do not recommend doing so your main device, of course, if you read this after the launch of iOS 12 (or you will download the beta anyway), then you can ctinue.

How to add Google Maps, Waze to CarPlay

Typically, CarPlay compatible applicatis will automatically display your CarPlay interface.
You just need the compatible applicati installed your cnected iPhe (although not all applicatis are compatible).

Steps: To add Waze and Google Maps to CarPlay

  1. Open the Settings app your iPhe.
  2. Tap  General.
  3. Then, tap  CarPlay.
  4. Select the vehicle you’d like to sync the apps to. The vehicle name varies by make and model.
  5. At this point, you’ll see a layout of the CarPlay interface your iPhe. You should also see compatible apps below this mock interface.
  6. Simply tap the plus (+) butt  the Waze or Google Maps ics, or any other ics, to add them to the CarPlay interface.

Hope you like the article “How to add Google Maps to CarPlay In iOS 12“. Still have problem then please ask via comment

Note: Please use new trick first if thats not work then try old trick if both tricks not work then your vehicle still not

  1. Even with the iOS 12 beta, you will not be able to add Google Maps or Waze to the CarPlay interface until those apps are actually updated with the iOS 12 API. That will not happen until iOS 12 is officially released and the new app versions can be released to the AppStore.

  2. Thanks for the article. However, the instructions didn’t work for me. After installing iOS 12 Beta onto my iPhone, Google Maps was nowhere to be found in the CarPlay settings menu. Any suggestions?

  3. I don’t see them on my iphone. How do I see them to add to car play?

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