How to add time limits for applicatis in iOS 12 Screen Time

If you are using the beta versi of iOS 12, you may have taken a look at Screen Time, tried to fix it, and then dropped out and ge elsewhere to try other great new features of the update. I know I did it. But even in its current state of cfusi, Screen Time – the new feature of Apple to mitor and limit the way you spend time your iPhone and iPad – is pretty neat. Today, we will avoid tricky parts and look at the limits of individual applicatis.

What is Screen Time?

Screen Time mitors how much time you spend using each app your devices, and shows the data to you in cvenient tables. You can browse by category of applicati, and even see how much time you have spent individual websites in Safari.

Then, if you do not like what you see, you can set limits the allowed time in these applicatis, or you can do the opposite: restrict the entire device for periods of Down Time then allow some applicatis to "break through" this restricti. Thus, you can not allow your writing applicati to functi until the morning, eliminating the temptati to go astray addictive sites like Cult of Mac

. Screen Time aggregates the usage data of all your devices and the limits apply to all iOS devices cnected to your account. You can even spy the use of your children, and set them away from boundaries.

It's great, but right now, Screen Time is hard to use. The categories of applicatis are too broad, making them useless for setting limits. For example, …

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