How to add extra filter packs to the iPhone’s Photos app

A lesser known ability of the Photos applicati your iPhone is that it is possible to use third party filter packs. If you install a photo editing applicati that supports them, you can apply the filters for that applicati without leaving the Photos applicati. This makes it super fast to add sophisticated effects to your images, and you can go back to the original photo anytime in the future.

Today, we'll see how to use these filter packs, and look at some of the big apps that have them.

Photo Filter Packs?

The filter packs are actually something that's called edit extensis / They allow a photo applicati to put its edit ctrols in the applicati Photos . Do you know how some apps have mini iMessage apps? Or how other applicatis are placed in the sharing panel of the iPhone? It's just like that, ly for photos.

There are two great benefits to using the filter packs in the native Photos applicati, instead of launching an additial applicati to get the job de. e is that it's super cvenient. You can do all the work in the photo applicati, and you never need to create a copy of the image. You just edit it and save it, and the picture is now better (or worse, I guess, depending your choices).

The secd big advantage is that these changes can be canceled at any time. Just like the built-in Photo Filters, third-party filter packs are applied over the original, but the original file is not touched. This means that you can go back to the original photo anytime in the future, be it next week or the next …

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