How the icic computer has changed the course of Apple

O n Sunday, Apple's icic all-in-e computer was 20 years old. Yes, two decades ago, Steve Jobs stood a stage and iMac. "

Apple CEO Tim Cook commemorated the mileste of a tweet May 6, stating that iMac has put Apple " a new course and has changed the way people see computers. "

How iMac toppled Apple

Many Apple fans know that the 90s were not the years the More prosperous from the company. During the decade, Apple's products had lost the favor of csumers and the company had debts of hundreds of millis of dollars

but in 1997, Steve Jobs returned to the company he had co-founded in a Cupertino garage. May 6, 1998, Jobs stood a stage and unveiled the iMac.

It was a revolutiary device in the style and design when it debuted, and there is no doubt that it was a game changer for Apple.In the year following the announcement of s & IMac, Apple has tripled its quarterly profits, according to Securities and Exchange Commissi. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Apple & # 39; s O.G. All-in-e

"It's the iMac," said Steve Jobs at the unveiling of the signature. "It's all translucent, you can see it in. It's so cool."

The device was revolutiary for its time, introducing a series of firsts into the industry. For example, it was the first office in …

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