How Apple could approach a Mac based ARM

Recent reports suggest that Apple may be working a hybrid Mac, e that has a touch screen and also runs iOS applicatis. A Mac based ARM. How does it work exactly?

  A lightweight MacBook that runs  iOS

A touch screen MacBook that uses iOS apps could be a winner.

[Report Claims Apple Actively Ditching Intel for its Own ARM Processors in the Mac ]

My theory this is that we are looking at purpose, lightweight MacBook for travel and possibly educati. What is not likely, in the short term, is a mass migrati of Mac's lineup from Intel to ARM

[ What to know about new processors Intel: Coffee Lake & Cann Lake ]

The macOS – ARM Issue

Apple would have two choices with a touch screen MacBook designed to run both macOS applicatis and iOS applicatis. Apple could:

  1. Include both a low-power Intel chip (as it currently is) and an ARM processor
  2. Include ly an ARM processor and run macOS and macOS applicatis in D & # mode 39; Rosetta type emulati. In the first case, the Mac can still run macOS applicatis in native mode and even use virtual machine applicatis to run Windows and Linux. But the complexity and the cost of hardware integrati, with two different processors, seem to make it an unsavory and difficult opti in engineering

    In the secd case, macOS would be recompiled for ARM and would work natively. Mac applicatis would run in emulati mode, as Apple had already de with Rosetta, but Xcode would offer developers the ability to rebuild native Mac apps. Or build, OMG, the "fat binaries" of the old. (A binary that …

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