How and why to redirect email instead of forwarding it

We all know about sending e-mails. It is the electric equivalent of putting a received letter in a new envelope and sending it to somee else. But did you know that you can also redirect the emails so that it seems that they have arrived from the original sender? You could, for example:

  • Redirect your boss's instructis to a colleague
  • Email somee else without getting caught up in an inevitable and endless Reply All mess.
  • Send an inquiry to the right pers, with the respse sent directly to the client.

Unless the final recipient is really disheartened, it will never work as a scam to make him do all the work that your boss has assigned to you, but it's a handy alternative to the simple redirecti of emails.

What is redirecti, exactly?

When you redirect an email, it has the following properties:

  • The From field displays the original sender
  • The field to indicates your e-mail address – the e to which the e-mail was sent to the origin.
  • When the final recipient …

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