Hidden Archeology of Sheep and Typography – Ben Zotto – Medium

So, what was this thing about the hidden sheep, anyway, ask yourself? Well, the decstructi of the original Mac ft resources revealed something cfusing: in many of the fts – but not all – there is an unexpected secret character hidden next to all the normal characters.

You see, in the 1980s there was a maximum of 256 different characters available. Different platforms have mapped their numeric character codes slightly differently. The original Macintosh used a system that would eventually call itself Mac Roman . In 1984, it did not have a name yet, but it looked like this:

Source: Apple Inside Macintosh, Volume I (1985)

If you read the table in the columns, you move from left to right, you can see that it looks like the whole Chicago reproduced earlier. In other words, Chicago has a ft character for each of the boxes occupied in the graph.

But two areas of the map are empty: the left side, which are the low code numbers – by cventi reserved for n-printing ctrol uses – and the right-hand side, which, according to the capti: " Codes $ D9 to $ FF are reserved for future expansi. "

So these higher values ​​(from hexadecimal value $ D9 to end at $ FF) do not correspd to any keyboard key or to any special combinati for internatial characters or symbols. There is therefore no reas for a ft to have bitmap information included for a character code that could not be …

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