Greenpeace Criticizes the Recycling Robot – Daisy & # 39; from Apple and said that the focus should be the design of repairable and scalable products & # 39;

As part of its 2018 envirmental report, Apple unveiled today the latest iterati of its recycling robot, named Daisy. Daisy is an upgraded versi of Liam, the Apple Recycling Robot debuted in 2016. Daisy is smaller, faster and more efficient than Liam, able to disassemble 200 iPhones per hour and get their compents for the recycling.

In respse to Apple's envirmental report and details the new robot, Greenpeace issued a statement suggesting that Apple's focus should be product lgevity rather than the recycling of robots.

Daisy, Apple's Newest Recycling Robot

In a statement, Gary Cook, senior analyst at Greenpeace, said that Apple needed to work product designs that were better suited to bidding. upgrades and repairs. Cook says that customers clearly want to keep their devices lger, citing the demand for battery replacement under Apple's discount battery program.

"Rather than another recycling robot, what Apple needs most the best opportunities to reduce its impact the envirment: a repairable and scalable product design that would extend the life of the robot." Use of his devices, delaying the day when Daisy would need to disassemble them.

Customers want to keep their devices lger, as evidenced by a 3-4 week wait for a battery replacement at Apple stores earlier this year, when Apple was forced to drastically reduce the cost of replacement. repairability and lgevity, especially for Apple products. Last summer, for example, Greenpeace teamed up with iFixit to evaluate the repairability of Apple devices, accusing Apple of shortening the life of devices with exclusive and challenging repair processes and compents, ultimately leading to more electric waste.

For its part, Apple in its envirmental report says that lgevity and lgevity of the devices is e of its goals, citing its efforts to provide parts …

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