Google Says Assistant works with over 5,000 smart home devices, HomeKit / Siri around 200

Google this morning posted an article its Keyword blog that highlights the ctinued growth of its AI assistant, Google Assistant. According to the company, the assistant is now working with "all major appliance brands" in the United States, which means that it can cnect to more than 5,000 smart home appliances against 1,500 in January.

This period of growth has seen media and entertainment queries grow by 400%, with Google users taking "OK Google" orders Android TV, smart TVs, and Chromecast. Security cameras such as Nest products, including the Nest Hello doorbell, are another area of ​​interest for Google. When somee rings the doorbell, Nest can communicate with Google Home, play a livestream Chromecast, and users can then reply to their visitor their smartphe.

Google has also submitted plans for assistant expansis later this year, including the DISH Hopper Receivers Wizard, the Logitech Harmy Remotes, the August Smart Door Locks and Schlage, the cameras Panasic security, and brand support ADT, First Alert, and Vivint Smart Home.

Over the past year, we have made great strides in ensuring that the Google Assistant can work with all types of cnected devices, and now all major brands of Devices work with the Assistant in the United States.

Just how many devices is this? Today, the Google Assistant can cnect to more than 5,000 devices for your installati starting from 1,500 in January. This includes cameras, dishwashers, bells, dryers, lights, sockets, thermostats, security systems, switches, vacuums, washers, fans, locks, sensors, heaters, air cditiers, air purifiers, refrigerators, ovens … we can go ! 19659004] For home automati, the soluti of Apple is HomeKit and Siri. Although it is not an exact comparis due to potentially missing products, the Apple website offers a list of HomeKit compatible smart home products that reaches about 200 in writing, and some of which are still to be launched. Even though it lacks many smart home devices, Siri would still fall far short of Google's new compatibility number. According to market analyst Blake Kozak, who spoke with CNET the Amaz assistant is expected to dominate the market with around 11,200 smart home products starting in 2017.

HomeKit users are currently waiting for device support such as the Ring Rings line, while integrati with Nest products is less likely after Nest and Google have doubled their hardware collaboratis.

For Siri, the Apple assistant remains the least favorite part of the users of their Apple devices, Siri amassing a 20% satisfacti rate amg the first users of the iPhone X. In a recent report from The Informati Siri was described as "limited in relati to competiti" as Google Assistant, and the report went so far as to say that the assistant became a "major problem" at Apple, stemming from the company's decisi to rush technology into the iPhone 4s.

Many have theorized the reas behind the poor performance of Siri could be Apple's commitment to the privacy of users, unlike Google's actis of mobilizati and cservati of off-device user data for the purpose of improving queries.

Siri co-founder and creator, Norman Winarsky, looks back the creati of the digital assistant earlier this year. In an interview, he discussed Apple's decisi to "take Siri in a very different directi from that envisied by its founders," the initial plan to focus Siri's intelligence a few key areas and to gradually expand his knowledge. is now "looking for a level of perfecti that they can not get."

While Apple ctinues to develop Siri, the company has hired in April John Giannandrea from the Research and Artificial Intelligence divisi of Google. The latest device supported by Siri and Apple's HomeKit is HomePod, which allows users to call the wizard and interact with compatible products such as Philips Hue lamps, Ecobee thermostats , August smart locks and more.

Google is expected to reveal more news about the wizard and other products and services during its I / O cference later this mth.

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