Google has turned powerful machine learning technology into a fun game.

Emoji are a lot of things for a lot of people. Depending who you ask, they are fun, affectiate, cfused, a new language, or the disappearance of the language itself.

Google's Emoji Scavenger Hunt adds another meaning to emoji: a way to play with machine learning.

The idea behind this browser-based game is simple. It presents an emoji, and using the camera of your phe, you deal with IRL examples. Maybe you will see an emoji of a clock, or a shoe, then it is your task to find e before the time runs out. The game will also assume any identities about what objects it will see alg the way. So, be sure to tidy up everything you do not want in a computer voice announcing to your colleagues.

According to Google, "As you search, the neural network will try to guess what it sees.Used for more than serious applicatis … This is just an example of how it's going. machine learning can be used in a fun way. "

Success does not mean more than winning a small trophy ic and not boring your roommates or colleagues. But the real reas to play this game is to interact with automatic learning in an innovative way. And, e might suspect, to help refine Google's machine learning algorithms for image recogniti.

More than a child's game

The search for a pencil is not exactly the future of the game. But use our phes to recognize quickly and with Precisi objects like this e is an impressive feat.

This ability will become more and more essential to the everyday use of our phes, from shopping to games to augmented reality. It also raises ccerns about security and privacy, as phes will not ly be able to see but make sense of everything that goes camera.

Usually, leveraging neural networks requires cnecting to a remote set of cloud servers. But in this case, all the treatment takes place the phe. The secret sauce is Tensorflow.js, an open-source framework for automatic learning using JavaScript

So, instead of cnecting to a remote server farm, all the computati happens directly your device. The people behind Emoji Scavenger Hunt – a joint effort of Google's Brand Studio and PAIR teams – insist that the game does not record any of the photos it takes, and put the code for review GitHub .

Emoji Scavenger Hunt is working the latest versis of Chrome phes using the latest versis of the Android operating system, or new iPhones running Safari the latest versi of iOS. However, as the team says, it is an experience that may not always work as expected. Whatever it is, good hunting, and if the game asks you to find e ?, let the stopwatch run out.

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