Google borrows the iPhone X navigati system for Android P

Anye who has ever used an iPhone X knows how to navigate in the next versi of Google's mobile operating system. The company introduced Android P at its developer cference today, and it includes a touch bar at the bottom of the screen, just like Apple's flagship phe.

Android P also supports screen cuts so that device manufacturers can easily produce iPhone X cles.

The three butts that have been at the bottom of Android screens since very a lg time will go away. They are replaced by a single oblg butt.

As demstrated at the Google I / O cference today, a click this butt pops to the home screen. Swipe it to open a list of running applicatis. Swipe right to browse them directly.

With ly a variati or two, it's like that we're navigating an iPhone X. And it'll be even more prevalent this fall because Apple will leave the Home butt of the three models of the iPhone. ; iPhone 2018.

While it's easy to blame Google for copying Apple, anye with a lg memory should remember that Palm's webOS used a navigati system very similar to that of Palm Pre in 2009. That said, Android has not managed to adopt a "

" Stop copying me!

They say that imitati is the most sincere form of flattery. If that's the case, Apple should feel very flattered.

But we can hardly blame Google. The iPhone X is the most sold smartphe in the world. Android has …

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