Fortnite challenge guide for seas 5, week 3

The week is almost over, but Fortnite The three-week challenge for seas five has just begun.

As usual, there are seven to complete – four easy and three hard – which will earn you a total of 50 battle stars. You should find most of them relatively easy, but we have some tips if you find yourself in trouble.

Here is the guide to breaking the week three Royal Battle challenges.

In case you are new to Fortnite, or you’ve just started seas 5, the weekly challenges work a little differently now. Three of them are available for free for all, while the other four are ly available for those who bought the Battle Pass.

Free challenges

Deals 500 damage to oppents in e game – 5 stars

Dealing with the damage of your oppents is not too difficult – especially when you can use any weap you want. What makes this challenge difficult is that you have to finish it in a match.

You will probably have to eliminate at least three oppents – more if you end up eliminating players who do not have a shield. But you do not have to do it in single player mode.

If you’re struggling with this challenge, jump into duets or solos with a friend (or a few randoms) for help. You can let them do the hard work while you do as much damage as you can without getting too much in each shootout.

If you end up the floor, at least there is a chance that you will come back. The lger you stay in each match, the better your chances of meeting oppents and landing shots.

Use a dashboard – 5 stars

The use of a dashboard is almost as simple as laying a wall. But you will have to find e first. These are epic items and you probably will not find them in every game.

When you do it, use it immediately if you tend to be eliminated quickly, or save it to help you out of a difficult situati later. As so as you make the jump, this challenge is de.

Follow the treasure map at Flush Factory – 10 stars

Epic csiders these challenges as “difficult”, but it’s actually e of the easiest ways to win 10 Battle Stars. You just need to know where to go.

Fortnite Flush-Factory-treasureHere’s where you’ll find 10 easy battle stars.
There is no need to visit Flush Factory first. Just go to the locati shown the map above, with the kind permissi of Eurogamer, and recover the stars of the battle waiting for you. We recommend that you first take a weap in case you encounter enemies en route.

Battle Pass Challenges

Search 7 chests in Fatal Fields – 5 stars

All you have to do to complete this challenge is to open seven chests in e place: Fatal Fields. The map below, with the kind permissi of Dexerto, will help you locate them.

Fatal Fields safes FortniteWhere you will find chests in the fatal fields.
Photo: Dexerto

You do not have to search all seven in a match, so come back later if you are eliminated early. If you are really struggling, wait a few days until others have completed this challenge and Fatal Fields is much quieter.

Shoot 5 clay piges at different places – 5 star

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